Anime Battle 3.9

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The Adventure of Anime Battle 3.0 is in the category of fighting games. The game also includes anime characters and their features in the series. The game has been renewed in each version and uploaded to the site.

You continue the game by choosing any of the legendary characters of the giant anime series. Anime Battle 3.9 offers you the best deals in the game.

We continue with adding characters to the game. One of our characters was Chrollo Lucilfer. It is quiet and calm. This silence creates a mysterious atmosphere. On the one hand, he does not spend extra power to defeat his opponent with his intelligence. By controlling their moves, he changes his own moves. With the symbol on his forehead, he can control the movement directions of his opponent. This is his special attack.

Another added character is Isaac Netero, an old hunter who makes fun of even the strongest opponents. This character is a very experienced warrior. He is very fast. It can attack faster than the speed of sound. This rate is processed in a very inverse ratio with age.

Anime Battle 3.9 game is free. You can play on your computer by yourself or online with a friend. If you want to play smoothly, we have installed this game for you on this site.

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