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Bad Ice Cream 4 Unblocked



We made new additions to the Bad Ice Cream Unblocked game. With this latest version we have optimized the game. We made a few changes to the graphic design in this game. We have installed this version by removing some obstacles.

When we look at other versions of Bad Ice Cream Unblocked, we made big changes. We have increased the number of chapters in the game. However, we have divided the chapters into stages. It was a game with 3 stages in total. But there are 40 sections in each of these stages. In other words, we have presented you a 120-episode game in total. You must complete all of these 120 levels.

Having many chapters means that the difficulty of the chapters is getting higher and higher. Each chapter takes place in different areas. And in these sections, you have to collect the fruits in the field. Fruits are placed in simple positions at first, but are placed in increasingly difficult positions. You can come into close contact with monsters. You need to be very careful at this time. Because as a result of your contact, your adventure in Bad Ice Cream 4 Unblocked ends.

The game content consists of ice. Our characters are made of ice cream. The harmony between the game and the character made the game even more immersive. There are 8 different types of ice cream. Ice cream characters are locked. To unlock it, you have to complete the chapters and spend the points you get from these chapters for the characters. In this way, we have offered you a special option.

Bad Ice Cream 4 Unblocked game met you on this site despite all the obstacles. This game is referred to as the best in its category. Become a part of this legendary game.

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