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Bubble Mouse Blast is a fun bubble game. You have to help the mayor in the game to clean the city from this terrible black cat invasion. You have to clean every part of the city, park, museum, dock, train station areas. You will start the game before you have to. For this, it will not be enough to complete a random level in the game and be able to unlock it. You need to collect a lot of stars for this. You have to jump constantly to increase your paun. Bubble Mouse Blast is also waiting for a game that gives you a challenge in a candy shop so that you can unlock all kinds of bonus balls. 98 different levels and 6 different game worlds await you in this mysterious Bubble Mouse Blast game. Are you ready for this exciting encounter? ?

All you have to do in the game is to explode the balls that come your way. More than one ball appears in front of you and by detonating these balls, you have 5 bonuses arranged in a hierarchical order. With these bonuses, you overcome the obstacles that come your way.

Bubble Mouse Blast has become one of the most interesting games in the App Store today, with its menus being easy to use, interesting design and addictiveness to people.

People who use many different devices have recently become addicted to this fun and immersive game, Bubble Mouse Blast, which means blasting a ball in Turkish.

Those who want to meet a brand new fun bubble shooter game are here! Do you want to enjoy very fun bubble popping game online? There is a very cute mouse in the game, you have to help this mouse to be the winner of your hometown and you have to help him to scare away the surprise black cats. Do you want to show your skills in this game which is a candy crush game, and while doing this, clearing the board in a very limited number of moves will increase your chances. If you manage to cope with this difficult task with much more balloons than the remaining 20 balloons in the game, the doors of luck will open for you. Earn extra coins and spend these coins in different areas.

Complete the missions you have to complete and get the chance to play Bubble Mouse Blast game online for free. Have fun.


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