My Dolphin Show 2

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In My Dolphin Show 2, you have to please the audience with the cooperation of a cute dolphin and a very experienced trainer. They will evaluate and rate the show they watch. Their score is also very important to the trainer's career.

My Dolphin Show 2 game takes place in an aquarium. You will feel as if you are at a festival in this show area, which has audience stands and a small pool. Raise your mood with cries of joy from everyone. Because these screams show that you are on the right track.

In My Dolphin Show 3, the experienced and cute dolphin needs to perform acrobatic movements in the most perfect way. You have to complete many more moves such as jumping from rings, touching bouncing balls, diving for fish, jumping over bars. There is also time in the game. You must complete all of these moves in the given time and entertain everyone.

In My Dolphin Show 8, you are in control of the entire aquarium. You have to work to be the first in Sea World by entertaining everyone. Your trainer will also show their skills over the cute dolphin.

Get the cute dolphin fish by making the right moves. Collect all the stars you earn. You can get different costumes for the cute dolphin with these stars. You can impress the audience more with the costume.

You will provide movement controls in the game with arrows. Make sure you do all the moves correctly.

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