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Adam and Eve 3 game meets you with a new story content. At the beginning of the game, Adam is locked in a room. It is the queen of Egypt who locked him here. The Queen is in love with Adam. While the Queen is sleeping, she receives a love letter from Eve. The man makes plans to escape from the room after this letter. You too will reach Eve2 by helping Adam.

Adam and Eve 3 game consists of 23 episodes. Each chapter has different challenges. You have to get rid of the obstacles in your way. You have to take Adam to the end of the road by finding all the clues like the detective. You may need help from stones, birds, cages and sometimes other cavemen. You have to finish the game like completing a puzzle.

You can spend a little time in some sections, and you can pass some sections in a short time. This depends entirely on the time it takes to find the clues in the game. You have to be reasonable and act wisely. Remember Eve is at the end of the road. In Adam and Eve 8, you cannot move on to the next level until you find the clues and solve the problem completely.

Playing Adam and Eve 8 is very simple. You are not using the keyboard in the game. You just use the mouse. You can control the whole game with the left mouse button. You can sometimes cooperate with extinct dinosaurs, plants and cavemen in this game that includes very ancient times.

In Adam and Eve 3, Chapter 16 is a very long and difficult chapter. Pay close attention to this section. Consider all the details and act accordingly. This scene, which takes place in the room of any house, is quite complex. The room is very messy. First of all, you need to clean up this mess. When you complete this part, which is a bit difficult, your job will be easier. Because there are no more difficult parts and you are very close to the end of the game.

You can play this game for free and whenever you want, provided that you have internet.

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