Anime Battle 3.5

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We have updated the Anime Battle 3.0 game. We've also maximized game content. We've also refreshed cutscene transitions and transitions in characters' movements. They can move more actively and quickly.

We have increased the character options of Anime Battle 3.5. You will be able to play different games with more characters. With the update of the graphic design, the game went to the next level.

We have added characters to the game again. We have further increased these options with the addition of 2 characters. The added character named Shinsuke has a very different image and attack powers. He is easily recognizable by his bandaged left eye, colorful kimono, eerie smile, and frequent smoking pipe. This character, who is very irritable and cruel, is a very difficult possibility to be defeated. He developed his special attack inspired by cigarette smoke.

The other character we added is Tsukuyo. He has scars on his forehead and cheek from his struggles. And this is a woman immediately recognizable by her scars. She is a heartless and emotionless woman. He doesn't have anyone around. It is always worn alone. It has very strict rules. He doesn't like being beaten at all. He always wants to win and works hard for it. He trains very often and is always ready to fight. He completes his special attack with his special sword.

You can play the game single or double. You can play Anime Battle 3.5 unhindered. In this we have installed this latest version available on this site for you.

have fun and good luck!


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