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Bad Ice Cream 2 game is back to you with all its updated version. It was a game where its design changed but the rules of the game remained the same.

Bad Ice Cream 2 game takes place in ice. In other words, you have to break the ice, rebuild the ice and escape from the monsters there. With the concept of the game being ice, we made the in-game character without freezing.

You can play Bad Ice Cream 2 as single player or two player. You are given some tasks in the game and you have to complete them. These tasks are to collect fruit. In some sections, you have to collect 2 different kinds of fruit and in some, 3 kinds of fruit. These fruits will be found among the ice. Sometimes it will be found in the area where the monsters are. You also have to be careful while breaking the ice. Because you die as a result of the contact of these monsters with you. So be very careful when breaking or re-icing the Ice.

Gameplay is very simple. You determine your directions with the arrow keys. You can also create or break ice with the spacebar. Bad Ice Cream 2 has set up a game setup in this way without going into too much confusion. It offers you to play a game continuously with its 40 different section content. You will be able to play this game continuously.

Bad Ice Cream 2 game is completely free. You can play this game by visiting this site as many times as you want.

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