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A game from our childhood years, Dragon Ball Z Battle is a legendary game that we played a lot in the old arcade times and still continue to play.

Dragon Ball Z Battle has been made computer compatible for you and now you can play this game for free from your computer with the pleasure of the past years.

Known as the best fighting game in the world of anime characters, the game starts with character selection. After you choose your character, your enemies begin to appear. In this action-packed adventure, you first encounter easy enemies. As you pass the levels successfully, the game starts to get harder. As your enemies begin to multiply, they begin to take up arms at the same time. When your enemies shoot, you have to jump to avoid them. If you get too exposed to enemy fire, you will die and the game will be over.

Since the game is a flash supported game, new software has been produced and updated for you again.

If you want, you can play Dragon Ball Z Battle with your friend. With the 2-player option, you can destroy the enemies together with your friends. Moreover, 2 people can play with the same computer.

The game you've been missing for years is here now, and if you're playing this game with great pleasure, you should start right away.


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