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We have installed Butterfly Kyodai 4 game as the latest version. You can find all game series on this site. We made some innovations and updates in this game. We have changed the game content a little bit and presented it to you in the best way.

We made some changes in Butterfly Kyodai 4 game. When you finish the game sections, the sections get a little more difficult. The range of motion is getting narrower and narrower. We've also placed some obstacles inside the area with the outward openings and butterfly wings. In the first 5 episodes, we put obstacles on the sides. In each subsequent section, we put obstacles at some points in the area. Thus, we made the matches made in the game a little more difficult.

In Butterfly Kyodai 2, you race against time. You have to find and complete 70 different matches within a certain time limit. If the time runs out, all your matches are deleted. You must complete the section before the time runs out. Also, the faster you make matches, the slower your time will go. This means that when you get stuck in the game, that is, you can't find a match, we give you more time.

You have two different helper buttons in the game. When you can't find a new match with them, it offers you a new one. Another is to create a new match table by mixing all the options if there is no match to be made in the game. You have 3 rights for both of them. If you do not use your rights, they are added to your rights in another section without deleting them.

Enjoy the Butterfly Kyodai 2 game. Put all your focus on the game. Your full attention should be on this game. Remember, time passes quickly.

"Butterfly Kyodai" is a popular online puzzle game where the objective is to match and connect butterfly tiles on a game board. The game features a serene and visually pleasing setting with various colorful butterfly tiles.

In "Butterfly Kyodai," players are presented with a grid of tiles, each displaying a different butterfly pattern. The goal is to find matching pairs of butterfly tiles and connect them with up to three lines, which don't intersect with other tiles or obstacles. Once a pair of matching tiles is connected, they are removed from the board, and new tiles may become accessible.

The challenge lies in finding matching pairs and planning your moves strategically to clear the board within the given time limit or move count. As you progress, the levels become more complex, with additional tiles and obstacles to navigate.

"Butterfly Kyodai" is available to play for free on various online gaming platforms and websites. Simply search for the game online, and you should be able to find a version to play.

Good luck!


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