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Butterfly Kyodai 2 game has been installed as the latest version. Take your place in the game in which we made some changes.

We made changes in design and content in Butterfly Kyodai 2. We increased the variety of wings in the game. We also included many different wings in each section. Thus, the Butterfly Kyodai 2 game has turned into a game that will challenge you even more. We restricted the movement by placing an obstacle at the bottom of the movements made out of the area. This will make the matchups for the game even more difficult. Because with the restriction on the movement areas of the butterflies, which are already moving in a limited way, the difficulties of the sections have increased.

Butterfly Kyodai 2 game offers you 9 episodes. You will meet different butterflies in each section. There are 140 butterflies in a single section. These butterflies wait in the field to complement each other. In this way, you make 70 different pairings. Butterflies that only make a u-shaped movement cannot move if there is a different butterfly in front of them or on their path. He has to go to another wife without any obstacles.

To make the Butterfly Kyodai 2 game even more challenging, we've also added time in the game. We wanted to force you by keeping the time short. We wanted to measure how many matches you will make in a very short time. This game requires quickness and a good roadmap. If you have these features, this game is for you.

Play this game where focus and attention is very intense. All you have to do is visit this site.

"Butterfly Kyodai" is a popular online puzzle game. The objective of the game is to clear the board by connecting matching butterfly wings with a line that can be drawn in a maximum of two turns.

In "Butterfly Kyodai," the game board is filled with colorful butterfly wings, each displaying a unique pattern. The wings can be matched if they have a clear path between them with no more than two turns. You need to find pairs of wings that can be connected in this way and click on them to remove them from the board.

The game often includes multiple levels with increasing difficulty, adding more butterfly wings and complex patterns to match. It requires observation, strategic thinking, and visual perception to clear the board efficiently and achieve high scores.

"Butterfly Kyodai" can be played for free on various online gaming platforms. Simply search for the game online to find websites or platforms that offer it

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