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We are here with Tunnel Runner game. We present you this game with a very different style. We have developed a new game for you by completely changing the game content and keeping it at the latest level with some additions.

There are 1000 levels in total in this Tunnel Runner game with different difficulties and different areas. It is possible to finish this game by completing these 1000 levels. But it can take a lot of your time. Each level contains different obstacles. Sometimes you can feel underground or like in outer space. Many more different atmospheres are also included in the locked levels.

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In Tunnel Runner, you do not choose for the other section when each level is finished. You automatically move to the next level. Thus, you continue the game without slowing down or losing your concentration. If you hit an obstacle in the game, the game is over. But you don't start from the first level. You start from the level you left off. Thanks to this feature, you do not play the same levels over and over again. But if you want, you can replay the levels you have passed. It's up to your will.

Tunnel Runner game is known as the best of all games. It ranks first in its category. It is completely free. There are no in-game purchases available. If you want to play this game, you can visit our website.

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