Tunnel Race

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We are meeting you with Tunnel Race game. We have brought some innovations to this game version. We have redesigned this game for you by making many changes.

Tunnel Race game takes place on a flat surface. This non-tunnel version has more challenges. There are white lines on the edges of this flat floor. When you touch these white lines, the game is over. When the game starts, there will be obstacles in the form of small black lines. If you touch them, the game will be over. Small green balls will be hidden in some areas. By collecting them you can contribute to your score. You will try to beat your own score in each game.

In Tunnel Race, you control your progress with a computer mouse. By holding down the left mouse button, you provide all the movements. You can only go left or right. This makes your job a little easier.

In Tunnel Race, you have to dominate with a calm attitude without being hasty. Otherwise, your game will end by making a mistake. So you have to be very careful.

Play Tunnel Race, the best of free games. Take your place in this game where you will find every version on this site and make the highest scores.

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