Shape Tunnel

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Shape Tunnel game is back with its latest and latest version. There are many different features in the game. Although the concept is always the same game theme, the game style and designs vary in each game.

Shape Tunnel game also takes place inside a tunnel. There are also various obstacles in this tunnel. You direct different objects in the game. Every time you pass through an obstacle, the object changes. Obstacles are in the form of a circle formed by the surface area of ​​the objects. You cannot pass over the surface of another object. That's why you need to be both fast and careful.

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In Shape Tunnel, there are diamonds in some parts of the tunnel. You have to collect them too. They will give you an advantage.

You use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Or you can steer with the mouse. Shape Tunnel is both a free and online game. You can play as you wish on this site without any obstacles and without any problems.

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