Anime Battle 3.6

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Anime Battle 3.0 game has been renewed with the latest updates. The game's graphic design, scene transitions have been completely renewed.

Anime Battle 3.6 game, which consists of legendary characters from the anime universe, is the best in its category. We have made the game better with the multiplayer option or the single player option.

We have upgraded the sound quality and image quality in the game. We have also increased your options by adding characters. We've enriched our rich character content with each release, helping you enjoy a better game.

In this version of Anime Battle 3.0, we added two characters. The first is a scientist named Rintaro Okabe. He is very helpful, but socially weak. He has a mysterious aura. This makes it even more interesting. He also made his special attack a special weapon with a different technology based on his experiments and researches. By controlling his weapon with his mind, he targets the weak point of his opponent.

Another added character is Yuugo Tennouji. This character has superhuman powers. He is a patterned, tattooed character that everyone fears when they see him for the first time. He has his own ax-shaped weapon. He performs his special attacks with this weapon. He is very strong and does not like to be defeated at all.

You can get the chance to play Anime Battle 3.6 for free on this site. We have uploaded the latest version to this site for you to enjoy without any problems.

Have fun! Good luck!


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