Bad Ice-Cream 3

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Bad Ice Cream 3 is back with edited gameplay. Haven't you played this game, which is the best of this game series, yet?

Bad Ice Cream 3 game includes 40 different levels as in the usual versions. These sections are locked. When you pass one part, the other part is unlocked. So you can continue directly. Each episode also includes a different monster. You have to escape from the monsters. Because they have a lethal effect. Some of these monsters will follow you in the direction you are going. In some sections, they will multiply later, leaving you less space on the playing field.

You play the game in a different place in each episode of Bad Ice Cream 3 game. Also, you have to collect at least three kinds of fruits in each section. There are at most 6 kinds of fruit. But the difficulties of the chapters increase as the chapters pass.

Arrow keys and spacebar will help you in Bad Ice Cream 3 game. In this game you will do actions like building ice blocks or breaking ice blocks. You have to complete the level by collecting fruits.

You can play Bad Ice Cream 3 game from this site. Play this game with the latest version, the most up-to-date game content.

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