Time Shooter 4

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Imagine everything is slow in Time Shooter 4. Everything moves according to you and the whole plot is formed around you. You are the main hero. In this window, which is visible from your eyes, the game flow takes place.

While different characters are selected in each game, you choose a weapon in Time Shooter 2. After finding the most suitable weapon for you, you face your enemies and kill them. Sometimes you are in contact from afar and sometimes closely. The weapon you choose chooses this distance for you.

Everyone who exists in Time Shooter 2 is your enemy. They all want to kill you. Kill them before they kill you. To win the game, you only need to stay alive. You have to be smart and move forward with tactics.

Time Shooter 4 game rules are very simple. To follow your enemies very well. Determining your movement and direction well and shooting at the right place at the right time will make you the first in this game.

Take part in this amazing game. Have fun! Good luck!


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