Time Shooter 2

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We have optimized the game by making updates to this version of Time Shooter 2 game. We identified some bugs in its software and fixed them. We have installed this game by making some innovations.

Time Shooter 2 game aims to be the first in the game by choosing your own weapon and defeating your enemies. In this game, which takes place on a building floor, there are your enemies hiding behind every wall. You have to kill them all. They are all your enemies and they all want to kill you. You can buy another weapon as you use up your weapons.

In Time Shooter , the concept of time comes to life with you. With your every move, another enemy moves accordingly. So be a little smarter and try to kill them. Sometimes you may have to look around. Because your enemies will appear behind you.

In Time Shooter , you can complete all your actions with 4 keys on the keyboard and the mouse. Be careful. Your enemies are everywhere.

Have fun! Good luck!


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