Anime Battle 3.7

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This latest version of the Anime Battle 3.0 series has come with updated graphics and characters. The game has a rich content with the combination of strong and special characters. It is a game in which each character uses their every special attack to win, in which there are difficult challenges.

Anime Battle 3.7 is a game played with both time and opponent. You also have power that you need to keep at a certain level, and you can win by reducing the power of the opposing opponent. You can also join the fights as opponents with your friend from the same computer.

We added two characters to the Anime Battle 3.0 game. Kurapika is a member of a tribe. He can become very angry and ambitious when in a struggle. In this case, his eyes turn red. At that moment, it will be very difficult for you to beat Kurapika. He has a special weapon of his own. There are chains on each finger. Each of the chains has a different effect. Opponents have no chance against this weapon.

The other added character was Gon. This character is mischievous at a young age. It is adventurous, athletic, rustic and friendly. In the moment of struggle, he fights with all his seriousness. His special power is to get what he wants by manipulating people with his sweet eyes.

The updated Anime Battle 3.7 game has been uploaded to this site with its latest version. You can play the game for free and online.

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