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Anime Battle 3.0 is back with its most beautiful and special characters. Anime Battle 3.2 is a game that contains the entire anime universe. The game is easy to play but the challenges are hard to win.

In Anime Battle 3.0, you will play with letter keys. If you are going to play doubles, the second player can also play on the arrow keys. You have to adjust your eye and hand coordination very well in the game. You have to be very fast.

Another change we made in Anime Battle 3.2 is to expand the character content. Let's start by adding the character Xin to this. He is very angry, rude, thoughtless, but a very loyal character. He has a master's degree in swordsmanship. He even teaches. He takes part in battles with his own special swords. There is a very special power in the sword that he carries with him in all his wars. When he touches his opponent, he transfers his weak points to Xin. In this way, he is one step closer to winning the fight.

Another character of ours is Huan Yi, who has features such as arrogant, self-righteous, ruthless and cruel. He's frighteningly cool. Nothing surprises him. He tortures his opponents. He never shows mercy.

We have uploaded the latest version of Anime Battle 3.2 to this site for you to play for free and unblocked.

Have fun!


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