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Princess Fashion Music Festival



Princess Fashion Music festival game is a fun kids game. This game is in the class of dress up games. These princess girls who are in love with music are attending a festival.

Each of them is very excited and at the same time worried. To attend this fun music festival, they have to wear my most stylish and glamorous outfits and each one of them has to put on their best makeup. Help them as much as you can. .You should match these makeups with trendy outfits.
You have to put in a lot of effort in this Princess Fashion Music Festival game. You have to help turn the princesses into the most fashionable people at the festival.
When you start the game, you will see 4 girls. Each of them tells what to do in the game with a speech bubble. In this way, you have a brief information about the game. Choose one of these beautiful princesses and start doing her makeup. You will encounter many make-up materials.
You can play Princess Fashion Music Festival Unblocked game here.
When you start the makeup, you will see colored dots around the princess's face. You will have to connect these dots with the pen on the game screen. First start with the green dot and connect the dots. When you're done, you can move on to the next step. Earrings and bracelets will appear. You can start with the hair selection suitable for this princess. Then you will need to choose an outfit that matches the princess's hair. This harmony is very important. You can try many different options to make a good choice. After choosing a dress and outfit, you can choose shoes. You can find a comfortable and stylish choice of shoes. Princess Fashion Music Festival will be a very fun and competitive festival. Next is the jewelry selection. This is really important. There are so many beautiful jewelry for your princess. Try to find the right jewelry among the available jewelry. If the jewelry process is also completed, you can proceed to the next step. Now choose a new princess among these four princesses and do her makeup carefully, be careful in choosing clothes and jewelry. You must do the same for these four princesses. When you have completed all the names, the princesses are ready for the feast. Fun. festival competition begins.

You will see what you can do as a result of the competition and it will be very nice and fun for you. Have fun.

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