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When you wake up from your sleep, imagine opening your eyes inside the labyrinths inside the traps. Our hero stickman wakes up in such a maze. The Vex game series takes you on an amazing adventure with its newest game, Vex 6.

Different traps are waiting for you with Vex 6 new updates. The graphic structures of the completely renewed game have been made in the best way for high performance. With the Vex 6 barrier-free full version game, you can easily play until the end of the episode without interrupting your games.

Soon you will be able to play Vex 6 online with your friends from this platform.

Watch out for pointed irons, spinning blades and water. These traps can kill you and you may have to start the game again. The game starts from the station you left last. The game vex 6 was designed for you in the first place.

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You are racing against time in this game where you have to survive against deadly traps and obstacles. You have to complete the game as fast as you can and make the best score of all time. For this, you have to be a professional player by playing each station multiple times. There are hundreds of chapters in this game. As you pass the levels, the game will become a little more challenging.

Vex 7 game is here with great graphic improvements and hundreds of new episodes for you. You can easily find the game here.

At the end of each level, you need to earn 3 progressive bonus stars. By collecting all the coins placed in the game, you can get a three-star bonus at the end of the game. If you collect fewer coins, you will get a one or two star bonus. With the bonuses you earn, you can dress the stickman character in various ways with various clothes you will buy from the market. When it comes out, the game will turn into a complete visual show for you.

After playing the Vex 6 game, you can play Vex 1 , Vex 2, Vex 3, Vex 4 and Vex 5 games, which are the games of the Vex series, for free as full version on our site.

Developed by Amazing Man, this game was released in October 2021.

 "Vex" is a series of popular online platformer games developed by Amazing Adam. The games feature challenging levels where players control a stick figure character, navigating through various obstacles and hazards.

The "Vex" series is known for its precise controls, clever level design, and the need for quick reflexes to overcome each obstacle. Players must run, jump, slide, and climb their way through each level, aiming to reach the exit while avoiding spikes, saw blades, and other traps.

While there may not be a specific original article dedicated solely to the "Vex" game, you can find information, gameplay videos, and reviews of the series on gaming websites, forums, and platforms that cover online flash games. These sources often provide insights into the gameplay mechanics, level design, and overall reception of the "Vex" games.

If you are looking for the latest information or updates on the "Vex" series, I recommend visiting the official website of Amazing Adam or searching for recent news and discussions on gaming websites and forums. These sources can provide you with the most up-to-date information and potential articles related to the "Vex" game series.

You can easily play Vex 6 on all desktop and mobile compatible devices. We are very happy to see you among us. Have fun.

"Vex 6" is the fourth installment in the popular online platformer series created by Amazing Adam. It is a continuation of the challenging parkour-style gameplay found in the previous games. In "Vex 6," players navigate through a series of obstacle-filled levels, utilizing precise controls and timing to overcome various traps and hazards.

The game features a variety of new mechanics, such as wall jumps, sliding, and even a grappling hook, adding more depth and complexity to the gameplay. Additionally, "Vex 4" offers a level editor where players can create and share their own custom levels with the community.

To play "Vex 6," you can search for the game on reputable gaming websites or platforms that offer online flash games. Keep in mind that the availability and accessibility of the game may vary, as it is a browser-based game.


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