My Dolphin Show 5

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My Dolphin Show 5 game has been updated and uploaded to meet you. Take your place in this game, which is in a better position than the previous version.

We've made some changes to My Dolphin Show 5. The game takes a contest as a story. We tried to present a more beautiful space by changing the place where this story takes place. In addition to the trainer of the cute dolphin, there is also an assistant. The assistant also gives some commands and helps the cute dolphin to do acrobatic movements.

My Dolphin Show 5 is in a much better position. Each version comes with even better software than the previous version. We also offer you a better game.

The newest game, My Dolphin Show 8, is now on this site.

There are 18 different sections in the game. You must complete these sections completely. The number of spectators is very important for this game. The more spectators you gain, the more episodes you can win and collect gold. Gold is important to you. That's why you need to entertain the audience very well.

You will be able to have fun with My Dolphin Show 5 game. Be the best by doing tricky moves. Let the whole audience admire the cute dolphin. So help the instructor get the best instructor certification, too.

You can play the full version and our newest game, My Dolphin Show 8, here.

You can play this free and online game as you wish from this site. Join us in this fun game.

Have fun! Good luck!


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