Vex 7

The world of Vex continues to work wonders with unceasing developments. A unique world has been created for you to have a great time in the game, which has unique new features with the Vex 7 game.

With the Vex 7 customizable character, you can increase the fun of the game by putting the stickman in the styles you want. One of the player's favorite features, these new skins feature 89 personal personalities and outfits. Of course, you must have enough gold for these customizations. You can get these gold by doing various tasks in the game or by collecting the gold in the game.

The game becomes more challenging and fun by adding various new traps in the game. You want to be an expert in this game, you want to get the best timing of all time quickly, you may have to repeat the game many times for this.

The game is full of jumps and escapes from the track full of dangers. Brand new levels now consist of a longer track. The game tracks get more difficult as you pass the levels.

You will be able to understand the contents more easily because the game has now provided support for various languages. Do not miss the hints in the game by choosing the language you want.

You have 3 lives in the game, now you can watch the in-game ads and gain new rights and bonuses to start the game before you get burned again.

Our hero can now attack his enemies and you can neutralize his enemies when you press the space key. You have to get rid of the tower in order to earn bonus gold in the game with the terror tower section. You have to patch your move to neutralize the enemies.

Of course, daily missions sections have been brought to the game with great efforts. In this section you can earn unique bonuses by completing daily tasks within 24 hours. The game has brought its most radical changes to our world with Vex 7. Thank you to our producer AGAME, who heard that he started working on the new game Vex 8, the producer is sure that he will make a name for himself in the game world with more radical innovations.

Vex 7, which is a completely free game that deserves to win the best prize game among parkour games, can now be played on our site with its full version and Vex 7 Unblocked.

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14 veto, 5.0/5