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Do you like Anime Battle 4.0 game? It is a game in which anime characters compete with each other and you direct these struggles. You also have the option to play the character you want in the game.

We renewed the Anime Battle 4.0 game with the best design. In this game, you can fight against the computer alone or you can play with your friend on the same computer.

We have enriched our characters by adding 2 characters to the latest version. Known as the strongest soldier of humanity, Levi is also described as the captain of the scouting legion. He is disciplined and respects every rule. He sees everyone as his rival. It is ruthless. He doesn't show mercy to anyone. He created his special attack by integrating it with his scouting information. He also defeats his opponent by transforming into a freak.

Hange is also a scouting club member. He likes to acquire new information. So it has almost every information about your competitors. He gets involved after observing and examining events. He considers planned progress safer. He plans every job. He continues to fight without interrupting his training. He created his special attack inspired by the titans. He has a weakness for them.

It is possible to play Anime Battle 4.5 game unhindered on this site. Don't you want to experience the excitement of this game?

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