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Fleeing the Complex



Fleeing the Complex is an incredible prison escape game that emerges from a unique story.

In this escape story carefully written by the makers, our hero stickman seeks his freedom by evaluating tricky clues and accomplishing challenging missions. But these tasks don't seem as easy as they seem.

The stickman, who is thrown into the cell first, finds an escape route from the cell and then takes other steps. As you pass the levels, the game becomes more challenging. He should think very carefully and get out of this prison as soon as possible.

This game, which will be your story, is designed for your entertainment. In this game that you can play with your loved ones, you have to show who is the boss. You will need to use weapons when necessary to get rid of the guards in the prison. But don't get caught up in them and don't die. You can recommend Fleeing the Complex to everyone.

You can download the game by searching for xxn00bslayerxx fleeing the complex.

Let's start playing this mysterious and fun game together. Good luck.


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