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We have updated the Friday Night Funkin' Neo mode for you and uploaded it to our site. We have prepared a version that appeals to your eyes, with noticeable improvements in animations and a striking arrangement in logos.

Its content was completely designed by JellyFishedm. He perfected the song choices with them and the backstage graphics down to the last detail.

Friday Night Funkin' Neo is equipped with neons, as the name suggests. Most text on the screen is now translated as neon text. It also carries the features of fnf neo game characters, which are also beautified with cute accessories.

There are no new characters added to the Friday Night Funkin' Neo game. Contains the first 6 weeks of the classic Friday Night Funkin' game. There is no change in the songs, there are the same songs. But we uploaded the remix version. We have created a full neon party atmosphere for you by making the characters look neon. You will have a good time, and you will be able to have very nice duels with your favorite songs and legendary characters.

Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0 version has artistic touches on it. We gave importance to aesthetic beauty and rearranged everything in the game. The short duration of the conversation with the opponents was also noteworthy. We also extended the conversation with the characters by taking this into consideration. We gave more space to the opportunity to get to know them. With this feature, you can get the chance to find the bad aspects of your competitors.

We added 3 new songs to this version as well. With major updates, we have also added a mysterious character… the mysterious monster with the name.

Have fun! Good luck!


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