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FNF Vs. Whitty - [Friday Night Funkin']



Do you like bomb games? Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Vs. Whitty mod contains bombs. But this bomb does not explode. In any case, this is a bomb prepared for a rap war. Friday Night Funkin' adventure awaits you with a new perspective.

This bombshell character is a little sad. Because he read the articles about himself in the newspapers and news. On top of your sadness you are challenged to a duel by Whitmore (aka Whitty) "beep bop skeedop" to his favorite songs. Whitmore is pessimistic yet ambitious. In Friday night funkin whitty mode, you'll challenge Whitmore with the "beep bop skeedop" melody and invite him to this battle. Reluctant but still will agree.

Here comes whitty mod with 3 new songs. It's your decision to play with Lo Fight, Overhead and scary Ballistic songs without fear, without giving up.

Do you trust your hand coordination? You can beat the explosive Whitmore by missing as few notes as possible. These 3 songs are Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Vs. Whittyde will create a gloomy atmosphere. You're going to drop Whitmore a little more with each song. Pay close attention to Whitty's transformation when you switch to the last-place ballistic mode.

FNF Vs. Whitty Definitive Edition: The ultimate update to this version. You will enter the new week with the original environment. You will fight Julian T. Whitmore in a rap battle on the streets of your city.

Julian T. Whitmore, Whitmore's human form. Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Vs. In Whitty, you'll face the unreleased Underground song. You have to get used to musical duels. You can easily defeat him by improving your skills.

Yeah! I have another good news for you. There are 2 more new songs available in the Freeplay menu. Low Rise (remix of Lo Fight) and Hungry. When you switch to the Hungry song, it will have changed in the background. You will be on duty as a waiter in a fastfood restaurant. You're going to play these two songs here and make Whitmore very angry.

You are lucky! We've also added 3 bonus tracks to this adventure full of surprises. fnf whitty mod offers you 2 remixes of Balistic and a different remix of Underground, which are not available anywhere. Don't forget to have fun with these super songs!

Look carefully at the scenes and approach the levels like a mystery to be solved. Because there is one more song waiting to be discovered in these transitions.

It's time to prove yourself! Good luck!


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