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FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse - [Friday Night Funkin']



FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse will offer you a very depressing environment. In the Friday Night Funkin' universe, there has been a different version of rap battles, which are generally more exciting and challenging.

FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse was inspired by a youtube video. These depressive states of Mickey lasted a very long time. After meeting you and your lover, a conversation takes place between you. Then you invite Mickey to the rap battle. He also accepts this offer to get rid of his depressive state.

Don't let him be depressed. Because he seems to be very prepared for this war. As frightening as ever, he's ready for battle. Due to his melancholic mood, FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse begins with the first song, Unhappy. Mickey, who never loses his cool and seriousness, will challenge you. You must be very careful. FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse was a game with all the horror.

You have to keep your speed at the highest level so that you can switch to the second song, Happy mode. With this song, Mickey will enjoy himself and the rhythms will accelerate. How would you like to show your talents here? FNF Vs., where just that can happen. Suicide Mouse game is waiting for you for free on this site.

FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse V2 has been updated and renewed! We uploaded it to this site with a new song added to the story mode. You can play in Really Happy story mode. In addition, you can challenge the Smile song in Freeplay mode.

If you want to play without any obstacles, FNF Vs. You should try the Suicide Mouse version.

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