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FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe - [Friday Night Funkin']



Edited and developed by Friday Night Funkin, FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe version is now with you on this site. Sonic.Exe, which is an unusual place full of mystery and secrets, is here with a question.

Will he be able to change our thoughts about the origin of this legendary blue hedgehog with his character in fnf sonic exe? Joining us with a few theories and scary stories, Sonic.Exe is a bad reflection of its true origins. Created by the Sonic fan Crimson the Bat, this villain Sonic.Exe has actually been with us since 2012.

FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe game starts with Sonic.Exe's friend Tails stabbing the board with his head into the ground. The atmosphere in which this duel takes place can be very tense and gloomy. Try not to look into Sonic.Exe's red eyes if you want to win in this rap battle. Because he can make you shudder with his eyes. The songs you sing can also scare you. Because you're not going to have a cute Sonic in front of you. Keep yourself on the attack as much as possible.

Your speed and focus are very, very important in fnf vs sonic exe version. If you win this battle, you will encounter a big surprise at the end of the game.

FNF Vs. The legend of Sonic.Exe stood in silence around the character against RightBurstUltra and his team. You will not have any difficulties with the game menus in the "original CD-rom" mode, as you know, in this creepy atmosphere. New songs have been added with some improvement of these menus. These songs will drag you into the dark universe of Sonic.Exe, a blue hedgehog you don't know. But do not be afraid, because you will win in the rap battle that you know and are the best.

FNF Vs. Sonic.exe V2: FNF Vs. The biggest innovation made in Sonic.Exe version. This story is very good in terms of continuity. It is not partial or complete. You will be in a state of discovery with its immersive aspect. It also offers you 7 new songs with lots of features. Show yourself off with the legendary songs Sonic.exe, Beast Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman.

I'm sure it will enchant you with its animations, transitions and cutscenes. The fnf sonic mod, which has high sound and image quality, will accompany you with 3 different difficulty levels.

Everyone in the world knows Sonic, but you will be the only ones who know this updated version of Sonic.Exe. This fnf sonic exe video game is full of greetings from too many references.

You must be adept at solving mysteries. Because FNF Vs. Sonic.exe V2 is full of secrets and you will uncover them! Let me give you a secret. There are some extras in the game and enter the codes I will give from the 'Sound Test' section in the main menu: 0-0 / 6-6 / 9-10 / 1-13 / 12-34 / 23-23 / 32-8 / 41-1

Now here comes Sonic.Exe that will never stop. Good luck!


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