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FNF Vs. Shaggy - [Friday Night Funkin']



A new one has been added to the world of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF), the rap battle game. Shaggy from the Scooby-doo universe challenges the Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) couple. FNF Vs. Shaggy game will create very different atmospheres for you as it consists of the combination of two universes.
Having lost Scooby-doo, Shaggy frantically searches for him. Then he meets you and asks you questions. You notice that there is some strangeness in his speech. But this is not a problem for you. Then you invite Shaggy to the rap battle. While everything is going to be fun and friendly, your girlfriend Shaggy will get angry and things will get messy.
Like every Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) game, FNF Vs. In Shaggy game, you will try to catch the rhythm with the keys on the keyboard. The more you miss the rhythm or notes, the closer you will be to defeat. You must be very careful.
FNF Vs. Shaggy consists of 6 episodes. After the first two episodes comes the final episode. Episode 4 is called Shaggy x Matt. Here are the songs specific to this episode. This section contains hidden and locked songs. In the remaining parts, there are different songs.
Extraordinary songs such as Where Are You, Eruption, Kaio Ken, What's New, Blast, Super Saiyan, God, Eater, Soothing Power, Thunderstorm, Disassembler, Astral Calamity and the secret song Talladega are available in Shaggy fnf game. There are several of these songs in each episode.
Locked and hidden song FNF Vs. How to unlock in Shaggy game?
Since the Scooby-doo universe is made up of masks, FNF Vs. We also included masks in the Shaggy game. You will need to complete the disassembled mask. After you complete it, you must forward it to the owner. So where are these pieces? Pieces will also appear on the screen while you fight Shaggy. You will need to collect those objects quickly. You must be in the game with your full concentration. After you capture a piece, you will transmit it to its owner from the game's story mode. An encrypted section will appear and you can continue from there. You can also have all the tracks in 'BOTPLAY' mode.
Would you like us to give you a hint about these pieces?
The first part of the mask is the yellow sphere that appears on the ground at the end of the song Astral Calamity in Episode 6.
During the Blast song in the 2nd part of the mask, you will have to catch a joy from the top of the screen before it touches the ground.
You will get the 3rd part of the mask from Chapter 3. The God Eater song will play and you will have to catch the piece hidden at the top of the screen by downloading the platform you are on.
The last part of the mask will appear in the corners of the screen during the song Dissasemble in Episode 5.
Good luck! Good games!

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