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FNF Vs. Nonsense - [Friday Night Funkin']



FNF Vs. Nonsense came about with a very different character from the whole Friday Night Funkin' adventure. It has a different atmosphere than the tense and pessimistic atmosphere of Friday Night Funkin' adventure. This added character creates a fun and somewhat interesting atmosphere.

This time you will be very rude. Your entrance to the game will be very loud. It will break through the wall of the house, providing a noisy and memorable entrance. In this game where you will compete your skills, you will never let Nonsense overtake you.

The competition will take place with 3 songs. Common Sense, Highlights, Context will be added to these 3 unreleased songs, and 1 song will be added as a bonus. FNF Vs. Nonsense offers dubbed scenes. It also draws attention with its updated mechanical scenes.

If you continue without missing the notes, the scenes and atmosphere in the game will be shaped accordingly. When you start to miss it, there will be different scenes again. With a different sense of humor, as in its creator's youtube channel, FNF Vs. It also covers the content of the Nonsense game. The purpose of this point of view is to intimidate your opponents, namely you, and leave the rap battle with a defeat. With its intimidation, it will actually bring some comfort to the rap battle.

Nonsense is actually keeping a secret. In order to solve this mystery, you have to win all the battles and never miss the rhythm. This gives you the chance to show your skills by pushing your limits.

FNF Vs. Nonsense 2.0 Demo: FNF Vs. Updated version of Nonsense. You always have to be very vigorous and agile in games. Making it even more difficult, we added 4 new songs. Let's see if you can overcome them? Feel the rhythm of Highlighted, Random, Nonsensical and Bi-NB legendary songs and win this battle!

Good luck!


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