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FNF Vs. FNAF 1 - [Friday Night Funkin']



FNF Vs. Fears are not included in the FNAF 1 version. You need to put all your fears and worries out of the game. You should start the game with your self-confident and courageous personality.

Famous characters of Five Nights at Freddy's game Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie are guarding a strange place. The rap battle will also take place in this venue. You and your lover are on your way to try the famous Freddy Fazbear pizzeria. In the Friday Night Funkin' series, you will encounter an unusual situation. FNF Vs. Scary teddy bears will appear on the streets of the FNAF 1 game. These teddy bears will exhibit very provocative behavior. They will invite you to a very intense and exhausting rap battle.

FNF Vs. FNAF 1 offers you 4 full weeks of scary and challenging. You will struggle with different characters each week. Of course, these weeks also have different challenging songs. The story proceeds in the form of animation. Different characters come and go in the background of the scenes. An example of this is the soda dispenser.

FNF Vs. FNAF 1 also offers you 21 songs and 9 bonus songs in total. This rap battle will challenge you a lot. All your focus and attention will need to be on the game. You should also keep your speed level very high.

Might be the best version of Friday Night Funkin' game.

Weeks are named according to the initials of your opponents.

The first week is F week. This week you will challenge Freddy. You will struggle in The Fazbear, Inside The Shell, Borken Inside songs.

The second week is the B week. This week, when you will fight against Bonnie, First To Go, Terrorizing, Shut The Door will be accompanied by songs.

The third week is C week. You will face Chica. You need to know the songs Midnight Snack, Rummager, One More Bite very well.

The fourth and last week is the P week. This week, you will stand against Foxy. Pirate Adventure, Walk The Plank, Lost At Sea songs will accompany you.

Friday Night Funkin' gamers love this game.

Bonus songs are legendary songs The Happiest Day, Let Us In, The Slaughter, Dead Inside, Beatbox, Freddy AssBear, Freddy Fazballs, Power Outage, Backroom.

Prepare yourself in this challenging journey. FNF Vs. In FNAF 1, you must beat your opponents without missing the notes and rhythms. I recommend you memorize the songs and stay one step ahead of them. Otherwise, they can defeat you with their terrible ambitions.

Good luck!


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