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Russian Grand City Auto is a fun and immersive driving game. The game is heavily inspired by the GTA series.
The arrow keys of the game keyboard can be continued forward. There are many different vehicles in this game. Car, truck or bus. You can drive one of these. You have to take these cars to your garage. The names of the vehicles are written on the right when you start the game. You can choose the one you want from here. When you approach your vehicle, you can get into your vehicle with the F key. You have to take the vehicle model you chose to your garage. Weather conditions can change during the day. In the evening, the weather can be good sometimes, it can be rainy or snowy during the day. You should use the cars by taking these into consideration! Here, your task in this fun game is to drive different Russian cars across the city. There is no time limit for your whole mission. The city is extremely beautiful and very realistic, quite a lively city! In this city, people are walking on the streets and the player can steal many different cars. You will face a lot of pedestrians and traffic jams. Let's start exploring the big map! Drive on the main street or find small streets between houses where you can drive yourself. Now you have complete freedom. Your goal is just to tour the city and enjoy a detailed city scenario!
Russian Grand City Auto is an online game that does not require registration. You can play this game whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Have fun

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