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We continue the Temple Run 2 game series from where we left off. In this version, we are with you with the game we call Temple Run 5.

You can play the game for free and unblocked. The only requirement to play is the availability of internet. You will be able to play the game unlimitedly with your internet connection. Our character, an endless runner, will be able to complete the game by breaking records under your guidance.

Temple Run 5 game offers you very challenging conditions. You will have to escape from the dangerous monkey on these challenging roads and continue this game without getting stuck with the obstacles around you. If you get stuck, the dangerous monkey may catch you and the game may be over. You must be very fast. Check your surroundings well. Jump off the cliffs on time. When you are out of time, you may fall to the ground and the game may be over. You will need to pay attention to this.

If you want to play the game with arrows; You can use the up arrows to jump, the down arrows to slide, and the left and right arrows to move left and right. But if you want to play with letters, you can use W to jump, S to slide, A and D to move left and right.

Your eye coordination is very important in the game and for this you need to be very careful and give your full focus to the game.

Temple Run 5, the latest version of the Temple Run 2 game series, is waiting for you here for free. You must join this challenging adventure in order to play smoothly without getting stuck with obstacles.

All it takes is internet. If you want to play Temple Run 5, hurry up! Because this adventurous process cannot wait.

Have fun!


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