Sand Sort Puzzle

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Sand Sort Puzzle



      Sand Sort Puzzle, a fun intelligence game, is offered to you as a free game. In the game, you have to fill the sands of different colors into a single bottle. You have to think very well about the moves in the game, you should do it by thinking about the previous moves like in chess. When you collect all the bottles in one color, you will skip levels in the game. When you fill it with a color, a flower comes out of the sand in the bottle and you can no longer move. The game starts on an easy level at first, and as you pass the levels, it gets more difficult and the number of colors starts to increase. The more bottles and colors there are, the more challenging the game will become. This intelligence game designed for you is an activity where you and your family can have a pleasant time. If you are ready, let's start solving the puzzle.


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