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Dragon Ball Z Battle 2



Dragon Ball Z Battle 2, the newest of the Dragon Ball Z Battle game series, is now on this site.

The game has been made great with new updates. The game graphics have been greatly improved and the sound effects have been made realistic. This game, which we loved to play in the 90s, was presented to you, the game lovers, with new chapters and new heroes.

In Dragon Ball Z Battle 2, new character movements came and the game became more enjoyable. You can try new fighting moves by using the keys at the same time. It's a very good game for you to prove that you are the great fighting master. It has become a game that you can play with your friends or family. You can play using the multiplayer option.

Remember, your enemies are not as strong as you think. Your enemies are stronger than the first game. You have made new enemies. The world needs to be saved from their grasp. This game with lots of action will take you to a world in the past.

Come on, play this newly released Dragon Ball Z Battle 2 game right now. Have fun.


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