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Butterfly Kyodai  game is a game that will improve your intelligence. The game followed a system based on matchmaking. You have to match the butterfly wings.

There are 140 half wings in the game. You complete the level by creating 70 butterflies. There are 9 chapters in total in Butterfly Kyodai  game. Each section has different wings. The wings do not move in all directions. They can move in U-shaped areas. It can also take off from outside the area and mate with another wing. The color of the wings and the patterns on them can be very different in the first episodes. As the sections pass, the patterns and colors on the wings are very similar to each other. Therefore, the probability of confusion is very high.

Time also has a very important effect in Butterfly Kyodai 2. You are given a certain amount of time. You must complete the section within this time. When the time is up, the game is over. The more wings you collect, the more advantage you get.

There are also some helpers in Butterfly Kyodai 2 game. One of them is in the name of the magic wand. The magic wand gives you 3 chances. In these chances, if you do not find any wings to match, click the magic wand and it will show you 1 wing to match. Another helper has the ability to change all the wings. Again, you have 3 rights in this. If you pass this section of your rights, you have more chances by combining with your rights in the other section. This is one of the beauties we made for you.

When you first start playing Butterfly Kyodai 1, it can be a bit difficult. Don't be alarmed. You will get used to it as you play the game. And pairings will come to you much easier. After figuring out the movement directions of the wings, there will be nothing difficult.

If you want to play Butterfly Kyodai 1 game for free, we have uploaded it to this site for you. Get ready to play this game that requires attention and focus!

"Butterfly Kyodai" is a popular online puzzle game that involves matching pairs of butterfly tiles. The objective of the game is to clear the board by matching all the butterfly tiles within a certain number of moves or a limited amount of time.

In "Butterfly Kyodai," players are presented with a grid filled with butterfly tiles. The tiles are often adorned with colorful and intricate designs. To make a match, you need to find two identical butterfly tiles that are not blocked by other tiles and can be connected by a path with no more than two turns. Once you select a valid pair, the tiles will be removed from the board, and you continue matching until all the butterflies have been cleared.

The game typically features multiple levels of increasing difficulty, with larger and more complex grids and additional challenges as you progress. Some versions of the game may offer power-ups or special features to assist players in completing the puzzles.

"Butterfly Kyodai" is available on various online gaming platforms, and you can easily find it by searching for the game online. It's a casual and relaxing puzzle game that is enjoyed by players of all ages.

Have fun! Good luck!


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