The Mergest Kingdom

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Mergest Kingdom is a medieval city building, simulation farm game with surprise matchmaking! Smooth graphics and addictive gameplay.

Many adventures await you in Mergest Kingdom! Are you ready to encounter unforgettable characters, scary enemies and much more? The aim of the game is to collect and harvest resources by combining many objects in a country to design a unique island for ourselves! Earn points as fast as you can and of course top the leaderboard! You can choose one of the available modes in The Mergest Kingdom according to your wishes. You can play alone as well as with your friends or online players from all over the world. Discover ways to match and combine various parts to build huge buildings and grow productive plants! Combine similar items to combine them into something new and better. Get ready to rebuild the Mergest Kingdom with your own original ideas and turn it into the most magical kingdom! Complete missions to conquer new lands and expand your influence. What's The Mergest Kingdom like? Are you ready to explore this very intriguing, mysterious place? You can instantly combine dragons, trees, gems and anything you find! Craft a variety of useful objects and weapons that will aid you and your allies in the face of a mysterious threat threatening the Seventh Realm. Plus islands filled with merging magic that lets you do them the way you want! Take the chance to collect lots of valuable coins and jewels on the islands you explore! Join the daily quests for it! If you want to build, you have to mine various resources, GET the chance to explore vast regions with mysterious creatures, interesting characters and impressive objects that fill this unique world!

Get started playing this fun matching, building Mergest Kingdom farm game! Have fun.


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