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You can find many similar games that give you a lot of fun and relaxation in your day. You can try one of the best games right away, these are christmas games! Santa's Quest is a christmas game. Join the world of Santa's Quset and put all your worries aside! With this game you can find many similar experiences in your day that give you a lot of fun and relaxation. There is a Santa Claus in the game.

Become Santa's helper and you must help him reach his goal in Santa's Quest. In this fun puzzle game, you have to move the blocks to make Santa reach the gift. As the game progresses, the levels get harder, you have to use your skills. However, if you get stuck somewhere and are wondering how to rearrange this level if you can't progress, the helpful Hint that will quickly show you the way to solve this problem will make your job much easier.

There are many different gifts that you will have throughout the level. If you find ways to get all of these gifts, you can get a high score at the end of the level. Let's talk about the instructions on how to play this christmas game. First, click play Santa's Quest. .One of them is your surprise game. When you click on the game, the game screen will open. The arrow keys of the keyboard move up and down to Santa Claus. When you start to move forward, you will encounter obstacles. Jump to kill these characters and collect points. Also on the way, you will come across many gift packages without buying them. Don't pass, your score will increase as you collect the gift packages. Santa's Quest is very similar to a Mario game. During the game, you will see red mushrooms, when you touch them, the game will be over and your score will be reset. Start the game again and continue playing carefully. You can collect a higher score. There are jumping areas that will allow you to reach the gift packages. When you jump by following them, you can reach many gift packages and collect points. The game always continues with logic. As your score increases, you can have the chance to move on to other levels. It attracts attention. It is addictive. You can recommend this fun game to your friends.

As you level up, the steps will become a little more difficult. The obstacles will increase, but when you progress carefully, collecting points will become incredibly fun and easy for you.


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