Drink Drive Survive

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Drink Drive Survive is an adventure game for drunk driving and trying to survive by driving. This game can be played online without registration.

Our driver first takes an alcoholic beverage and sets out in this way. It is very dangerous to get behind the wheel while drunk. The hero of Drink Drive Survive gets behind the wheel. When the game starts to progress a little, the effect of alcohol increases and it becomes difficult to drive. In one part of the game, your field of view In order for an alcoholic beverage driver to survive, you have to be very careful in the game. You have to drive very carefully to avoid hitting the oncoming vehicles. You have to drink coffee on the way to reduce the effect of the alcohol taken. It will make you addicted to the game. There are some instructions for you to be able to play the game and be successful. It is enough to use the mouse cursor to play the game. When you move the mouse left and right, the vehicle will move. There will be many vehicles. When you encounter one of these vehicles, you need to change direction quickly. Opposite As soon as you collide with the other car, the driver dies and the game is over. The aim is to help the drunk driver to survive and to ensure the continuity of the game. You can achieve this, just be very careful. You should not allow distracting factors. It is very important that you focus on the game well. Press Retry when you die You can restart the game. At this stage, the time in the game is also reset. The road you have advanced is a difficult road. Driving on a narrow road makes the game quite difficult. There are options on the way. Feel yourself in the racing game. Become fully into the game When you give a break, it will become even more fun and addictive. Feeling yourself completely in the game will help increase your success.

Are you ready to play Drink Drive Survive, which is an adventurous drink driving and survival game? Have fun.


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