Imposter 5

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Imposter 5 has met you for the last time as the final version. This game is with you with the most up-to-date, most active and newest designs. Playing this game has never been this fun.

We reloaded the Imposter game with some changes to its design. We have updated the software so that it reaches you as quickly as possible. Don't you want to be the best in this difficult struggle?

You will encounter many enemies in the game and have to kill them. Imposter 5 is a game reminiscent of Among Us. Inspired by it, we uploaded it to this site with similar rules and operation. You need to be a very good reader for the game. You need to protect your surroundings and yourself well. Because an enemy can emerge from anywhere at any time. It can kill you. In this way, the number of kills you have accumulated will be deleted.

The Imposter playground will be very dark. You will also have glasses that allow you to see as night vision. Nobody knows you. You must play the game anonymously. Be alert as if your identity will be revealed at any moment. Can you hide very well? Confidentiality, concealment, speed and practicality come to the fore here.

The game rules are like any other version. You can provide in-game controls with the arrow keys and mouse. Become the leader in this game by killing everyone.

Good luck! Have fun!


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