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Fairy Tail Vs One Piece 3.9



Are you ready for the tough battles on the seas? Join the amazing return of Fairy Tail and One Piece 3.0 with 3 character updates in this game.

The updates also reached the highest level with sound quality and graphic design. Fairy Tail and One Piece 3.0 game is adapted from the anime with high ratings, number of views and likes.

One of the characters was added to the game Fairy Tail and One Piece 3.9 as the main character.

Added Levi, an officer in the Scout Legion and Special Operations Team, known as the strongest soldier of humanity. His status here is captain and leadership. He is always at the highest level in his mission. It has a blind and limitless nature. Although there are bad rumors about him, he is a very strong warrior who does not like to be defeated. Reiner Braun, who is also added as a supporting character, is a reliable, very good comrade, a strong-willed personality. If you want to be a warrior with these characteristics and you still continue your education like him, Reiner Braun is for you. Prepare yourself for the sea conditions in this war with the Titans.

You must keep your coordination and focus on the game. In order to defeat your opponent, you need to know the special powers of the characters and the attack very well. We have become much stronger and published them on this site to present them to you.

If you want to play for free and without barriers, Fairy Tail and One Piece 3.9 are for you.

Good luck!


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