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Bleach vs Naruto 1.6 game is a fighting game that consists of the integration of giant animes. In this game, there are objectives such as being fast, getting to know your opponents and the character you choose, and defeating them with special powers and attacks.

We renewed the game design and graphics. We adjusted the colors and the voices of the characters. We've also accelerated the transitions of characters. So you will be able to play Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 better. We also added characters to the game. Thus, we have multiplied your options. Having different versions of superpowers makes the game a little more difficult.

The game is played as in every version. You start the game by choosing the character you will fight and the opponent character. Then the fight begins. You should increase your chances of winning the game by cornering your opponent. You should keep your power stable by avoiding counter attacks.

Bleach vs Naruto 1.6 is a game that involves two large groups fighting each other. The course of the struggle changes with the characters added to these groups.

We brought two characters into the game. One of them is Neji, who was added to the Naruto group as a supporting character. He works hard to prove his abilities. He learned the clan's special and secret techniques by working alone. In this way, he even created a few special techniques for himself. He is a genius ninja and finished school with the 1st place. Therefore, he cannot know the movements of his opponents and their next attack. But he works hard by collecting information about his rivals. He doesn't like to be defeated. He is a very strong warrior like his father. By choosing this character, your chances of increasing the number of wins will also increase.

The second character we added is Kisuke. Added to the Bleach group. You can recognize him from his wooden sandals and bucket hat. Kisuke, who never takes off his hat, believes it has hidden power. Based on this, he develops his special power in this way. In battles, he always maintains his gentleness and always acts kindly towards his opponent. But if he is close to losing, he immediately wants to get serious and approach the victory.

If you want to fight these special characters in Bleach vs Naruto 2.0, hurry up! We have uploaded the game to this site so that you can play the game for free and unhindered.

Have fun!


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