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Bleach vs Naruto 1.4



Bleach vs Naruto 1.4 is with you with its newest version. We have made this excellent game the best for you. Some innovations and additions in the game further increased the quality of the game.

We have done some fine work to fix some bugs in the software, refresh the graphics, and make the changing background scenes more elaborate. We also added character additions. We have done everything so that you do not give up the game.

We further researched the anime that inspired the Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 game and made adjustments accordingly. We worked hard to deliver the game in its best version.

We added Minoru Edajima character to Bleach vs Naruto 1.4 game. This character is one of the leading doctors of the Bleach group. He has a very jealous personality. He bonds closely with his patients. While he is a doctor during working hours, he is ready to fight with his warrior spirit at the end of the working hours. He has prepared his special power from drugs. With a tiny touch on his opponent, he transfers the drug to his body and neutralizes him.

Minato, the biggest and most important Ninja ever, has been added to the Naruto side. It is known that its name comes from the port and the waves. He gained the teleport feature by casting a special seal spell. When it is in danger, it can immediately teleport away from that environment. He also shows himself in the game Bleach vs Naruto by doing this special attack.

You can play Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 game for free on this site. There are no obstacles in the game. You can play the game without any problem.

Have fun! Good luck!


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