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As you know, Bleach vs Naruto 1.3 game includes the struggles of anime characters against each other. Bleach vs Naruto, the best of the fighting games, also exhibits an innovative attitude in its releases.

The game is in different locations and each adventure has a different atmosphere. Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 , which changes direction according to your character choices, wants to offer the best game enjoyment. It also includes events such as special attacks of the characters and their voices.

We offer different characters in each version of Bleach vs Naruto 1.3 game. Each version helps you see different and new attacks. Character traits are also explained to you under each game.

In this version, we added two characters. We did the first by adding it to the Bleach group. Hyosuke is a college student with dyed hair. It is known for its sweetness and sympathy. Since he is a genius student, he always aims to be the best in every job. For that, he does his best. His special attack is to be able to predict all the thoughts of the person in front of him with his mind and the accuracy of this is around 95%.

Another character known as 1010 is a character we added to the Naruto group. He can use weapons very well. Even if he has no weapons with him, he can make a weapon out of parchment himself. He always fights first in war. He is very brave. He created his special power from weapons. By bonding with weapons, he can seize the weapon of his opponent and control them.

If you want to take part in battles with such legendary characters, it is now possible with Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 on this site. You also have the chance to play the game unhindered.

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