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Bleach vs Naruto 1.2  game meets you with its latest version. We've made a few changes to the game. We made a few additions to the graphic design and transitions of the animations. We tried to give you a better game enjoyment by increasing their quality.

We made adjustments to the image quality in the game, and fixed the problems in the game's software. Now we have presented it to you with a better version. We added 2 characters to this version of Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 .

Both of these characters have strong features from each other. Having opposing opponents also adds more excitement to the Bleach vs Naruto 1.2 game. Would you like to witness the legendary struggles of these excellent characters?

We carefully select our characters and add them to groups with care. The first of these is Rukia. Although this character is a woman, she has a very hard structure. She is very irritable, hard-eyed she. She is also a very strong woman. She leaves most battles victorious, she. It's not easy to beat him. It prepares itself by anticipating the next attack from the movements of the opponents.

The other character we added is Fubuki. This character is different from everyone else. It is fun, very positive. With her pink hair, she sends a positive energy to her surroundings. He is just as angry when he fights. He is short and uses the advantage of being short against giant opponents very well. She created her special power by being inspired by the pinks in her hair. The dust, consisting of pink flowers and scattered from each leaf, has the feature of negatively affecting the opponent. He usually does this to neutralize his special power and gain some time.

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