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We have added a new feature to Bleach vs Naruto 1.1 game. The character selection feature was already in the game. After this version, you will be able to choose the opponent character. You can turn the fight in your favor more easily with the character descriptions we have presented to you.

Challenges and your opponents will no longer be so weak. It has been added to the Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 game with its most powerful modes and special attack abilities. By increasing the character options, we give you more chances.

We have added 2 characters to this version of Bleach vs Naruto 1.1 . The aim of this game is to determine the winner by fighting each other between two anime groups. Both groups want to win in this tough fight. For this, you must make logical and careful character choices.

The first of the added characters was Byakuya. He has a very aristocratic personality, with ice walls, who does not like any entertainment. The one who made his special attack with his sword and called this attack cherry blossom. Activates the sword by knocking it down. The sword reappears from Byakuya's back as two giant swords. These two giant swords turn into thousands of small blades. These tiny knives also move according to Byakuya's request. Some trap the opponent, while others defeat the opponent by neutralizing it.

The other character we added is the Naruto group. Toneri is a character similar to the color of your hair and your personality traits. He is a person who does not like people, does not talk much, has walls of ice. It gets its special power from ice and cold water. He moves them according to his will. He can make special weapons from the ice. He also uses these weapons perfectly against his opponent.

You can play Bleach vs Naruto 2.0 for free. You can use this site to play without any obstacles. We make sure you download and play the latest version of the game for you.

Join this game. Enjoy the struggle and the win too!

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