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Anime Battle 4.0 is with you again with its updated version. We fixed bugs in this latest version. We've upgraded the audio and video quality. We added new characters. We have tried to offer the best options by expanding the game content.

Anime Battle 4.0 is also the most played game due to its design and the fact that the game comes from anime series. The love of anime characters led to the creation of this game. They are included in this game along with the features of legendary and unforgettable characters.

We added 2 new characters to this game, which is the last series of Anime Battle 4.4 game. The first character we will introduce is Mikasa. This character is very attached to his relatives. She has maternal feelings. He is considered a genius in the army. He is agile, agile and very talented. His special attack is to prepare a counter attack by recording his opponent's movements with a mechanical system in his eyes. With this feature, it is one step ahead of its competitors.

The second character you will recognize is Armin Arlert. This character is physically weak. But no one has intelligence. He always won the battles he entered with his intelligence. It follows a faultless path by advancing with tactics and taking into account the strength of its opponent. He plans everything and sticks to the plan. He enters the mind of his opponent with his mind. Controls your opponent's moves. This causes him to win the fight.

Don't you want to play Anime Battle 4.4 game in the best way? This online game offers the opportunity to fight with the characters you want. Take your place in this enjoyable game!

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