Anime Battle 4.3

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Anime Battle 4.0 game is formed by adding the most rated series character of anime series. It has gained a different dimension with the addition of new features and developed by reflecting the features of the characters in the series to the game.

The game is a fighting game. You start the game by choosing your own character in the Anime Battle 4.3 game. To win in these duels, you must practice every technique well. There is also a different mode where you can play as a duo. If you play alone, the game progresses with letters. A and D are movement, S is defense, J is counterattack, K is jump, L is momentary movement, U-I-O is the character's special attack, P is a modifier key. But if you play the Anime Battle game as a duo, the other player will continue all his movements with the arrow keys and number keys.

There are many heroes in the game. Hero options are also getting richer. We continued this version of the Anime Battle 4.3 game with the addition of two brothers. He is the youngest state alchemist. He has a lot of talent in martial arts. Their weapons are alchemy, automatic mail arms and legs. He uses these weapons in his special attack.

The other brother is our character Alphonse. It has a slightly different personality and characteristics than its sibling. He is a character who is smarter, stronger, easily victorious in any fight with his practicality and speed.

With the presence of these two powerful characters in the Anime Battle 4.0 game, your options have become even more difficult. You can play this game unblocked, free and online on this site.


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