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Anime Battle 4.1 game is back with innovations. The game is on this site with the latest version. There are many differences in Anime Battle 4.0, such as new additions, design changes, and increased character options.

Anime Battle 4.1, as the name suggests, talks about the struggle of characters from the anime world in the game. Anime characters have super special powers. By reflecting these powers to the game, we have produced a different content in the game. You can choose the character you want in the game. There are many characters in it.

Anime Battle 4.0 is a fighting game. It is a platform where all the abilities of the characters are displayed in this game. Features such as special attacks and escape styles are also exhibited in this game.

We have created a separate mode for you to play multi or single. Anime Battle game is included in this description along with the characteristics of the characters.

We also added two characters to this version of Anime Battle 4.1. The first is Kamui, a ruthless, ambitious character who never likes to lose. Kamui never harms women and children. He has a different kind of compassion towards them. He is always respectful towards his opponents. He always maintains this respect on the battlefield.

We added our Shinpachi character as the second character. Kindar is a character who does not like people. It comes from the swordsman family. He developed himself very well and became the best. He produces his own swords, and according to his special power, he has made a perfect sword for himself.

Do you want to play this legendary game too? Come on, join us. Take your place in this beautiful game.

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